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First, my thanks to all who helped me with their advice regarding my defective PC.

Second, coming back from a job fair this afternoon, I had a car accident today. I haven't been this tight for money in decades and now this:

In the words of Gordon Ramsay: "Fuck me!"

What happened:

I'm okay. Traffic jam. Light turned green. I started moving, I take 3/4 of a second to check my left side mirror and just as I start looking back ahead, I barely have time go to WTF and hit the brakes but too late. I hit a Ford Escapade that then hit the car ahead. Most of the damage is on my car but because the driver's mom in the car got whiplash and became hysterical, they called an ambulance and the cops.

I wasn't going very fast. I barely had time to pick up momentum after the light turned green. The hit occured like less than 5 seconds after I started moving. Judging by the domino effect, I'm sure someone ahead must have moved forward too fast and slammed the brake abruptly.

I really, really hate this stupid Buick Century. It's my second accident and the mother-f***ng hood always bend up. That quadruples the cost of fixing the car.

And because the job interview I have in 10 days is for a job that requires a car, I can't just get rid of it. I gotta fix it, yet again.

I miss my Pontiac Grand Am.

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