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Mar. 3rd, 2013 09:51 am
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Four weeks ago, I landed a job for the government. I kept it to myself until now because there is one major setback: they are very reluctant to accomodate my medical condition, despite having provided a note from the doctor. I am hypersensitive to certain sources of fluorescent lighting, including compact fluorescent lightbulbs, and most LCD monitors. Of course, that's what they provide. All they did so far is have me test a different LCD monitor, and one LED monitor which turned out to be as bad for me. I want to provide my own monitors (2 old CRT monitors set up at a refresh rate of 85 hertz would be perfect for my health) but they won't accept that. Eventually, I will find out if I have a future there or not, depending on how they deal with human rights.

While I wait for them to finish their fiscal year in one month so they can try to accomodate my needs (I don't know how they'll do that yet), I am trying to find tricks to reduce headaches to a minimum. I'm currently in training until the second week of April. The trainers' PC is projected on a screen in front of the class. So I keep my eyes on the screen in front, and I look at my monitor as little as possible. I have put a privacy filter on my monitor which has reduced (but not stopped) my headaches. I'm in the process of finding old anti-reflection glass filters to place over the monitors as well.

It doesn't pay as much as the two jobs I held there in 2011, but I like this job way more (aside from the monitor-related headaches of course). It's only an 18 minute drive from where I live, and it only costs me $4.75 a day in gas, round trip. I turned down a higher paying job (for the same government entity) because it's downtown Montreal, which means 10 more hours a week in transportation.

So far, I still behave as if I were still unemployed. Aside from a slip up yesterday at the flea market where I "splurged" on $4.50 worth of records (6 LPs, my first record purchase in months), I'm gonna keep my spending to a minimum. I dream of buying a small lil' 60's bungalow and moving there with my parents and brother, who would help me pay for the mortgage by paying me a reasonable rent. Every record I buy pushes back my goal by a few cents or dollars.

In the meantime, it sure feels good to work again, with or without a headache.

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