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Thanks to everyone who commented about the offer I got for my videos two weeks ago (minus one day). I decided not to bother with it, since the contract doesn't mention anything about getting paid except for the prize money. I'm not giving unlimited & unrestricted distribution rights for my films for FREE! WTF? :-P

Been very busy with several things...

Last Thursday, I went to meet Normand L'Amour in person. For those outside of Quebec, this 75 year-old man is an eccentric preacher/singer who appears on various local TV shows and radio. He makes weird & funny music CDs which he copies himself and sells for $5.00 out of his van in front of a convenient store on freeway 20, exit 202. He's kinda like a local version of William Hung if you like. He's so bad that it's good.

My friends on the "Radio Cochonnerie" mailing list & OL radio station are fans of Normand L'Amour, and one of them is a fan from France who gave me the mission of driving 4 hours to St-Leonard-D'aston, buy his entire catalog (82 CDs!!) and mail it to him. Of course, he's paying for everything, including gas.

I accomplished the first half of the mission last Thursday. I even spent the afternoon talking with the man, recording him on my broken-down old camcorder. I even uploaded his weird yet amusing spiritual routine on Youtube. He goes through this routine with every visitor who buys him a CD or gets his/her picture taken next to him.

(BTW how do you guys put a clickable Youtube video in your entries?)

His CDs are a mess... some are defective (the 1st track won't play) and I have to rip them and reburn them, some cases have the wrong CD and one was even blank!! But after a phonecall to the convenience store, Normand wrote down the missing CD numbers and mailed them out yesterday. I got them today. :-)

Sunday I spent the afternoon with my friend François in Verdun before I headed off to downtown Montreal to meet up with Daria (the photographer who took those nerd fashion pics) for a free concert by Lady Miss Kier. 40 minutes long, and she messed up the encore. My friend's first impression was: "she's fat!" Well, I don't think it matters, however her dress wasn't appropriate for her new waisteline. Plus, I didn't care too much for her hairdo. :-P

ATM I'm still dealing with the Normand L'Amour collection, and trying to catch up with LJ and emails which have piled up the last few days.

In 3 days, I'm attending AnthroFest in Montreal. I hope it turns out to be fun even if I suspect it's gonna be small. Anyone reading this plans on going?

Once everything calms down, I gotta get back to job hunting. So, starting next week, please start sending me all your good vibes! :-D

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