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I decided to upgrade the PC my friend Francois gave me rather than buying a new one. I want to keep using my 1st PC with Win98SE, and install some new hardware on my second PC (the freebie from Francois) which runs WinXP SP1 at the moment. It has a:

- Gigabyte GA-7VT600 VIA KT600 Motherboard
- AMD Athlon XP 2500+ processor (similar to a 2.4GHz Pentium 4, so I've read).

The hardware I'll be adding include:

- a bigger second IDE harddrive (probably a 160 Gb Western Digital available for $CAD60 at a local store) to replace the ooold 6Gb HD.

- a DVD burner (anything but LG. I'm hoping my local store still has the Pioneer 117D or 118D listed under $40.)

- THE PINNACLE STUDIO MOVIEBOARD PCI card, so I can make some videos (mainly for Youtube) as well as send my PC's video signal to a VCR (for saving non-downloadable videos on my standalone DVD recorder).

I am considering replacing the main 30Gb HD as well, because although it seems to work well, it makes coffee-machine noises every time I access it. Any thoughts?

Here are the steps I managed to go through so far, all by myself like a big boy:

- I installed a PS/2 KVM, connecting both PCs on the same Dell M782p monitor, my old PS/2 keyboard and my USB Logitech mouse fitted with a PS/2 adaptor to fit the KVM. It didn't work the 1st time, but I managed to get it working after trial-and-error.

- I installed a wired router. I connected my cable modem in it and both computers are now connected to the internet. It was easier than the KVM!

Here is where I hit my 1st wall. I have Googled for an hour, unable to find the instructions: How to I get the second PC to read files from the 1st one (or vice-versa)? I've been told you can have a network of PCs with a router, but the silly thing doesn't have instructions on how to share files from PC to PC. The stupid CD-Rom included in my Trendnet TW100-S4W1CA router only repeats what's already in the booklet. :P

So, how to I transfer files from one PC to another with this router between them? I'm sure it's easy but I'm clueless.

The next steps will be to reinstall WinXP SP2 PRO from a *coughhomemadedisccough* on PC #2 and partition the drive to also install Ubuntu, plus Grub for booting. I've never done this. That will be quite an adventure, I'm sure! I already am wary of hunting for drivers once I've wiped the C drive and installed WinXP SP2 PRO. I'm opened to suggestions about the choice of Linux application. I will have questions about that too later.


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