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Yesterday I rebooted my PC and it worked 8 minutes before it failed. I decided it was time to get it fixed. Even if I am going to shop for a new PC (or recycle my friend's freebie), I will need this old one to work for a bit longer while I get stuffed transferred.

I dropped it off at a shop yesterday. I'm waiting for their estimate. *keeps fingers crossed*
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I'm typing this from the HEC's computer room.

My PC is almost dead. Last night, it did another random reboot and I wasn't even at the keyboard at the time. Since then, I'm totally unable to connect to the internet because I get these error messages:

TCP/IP not installed

(when I run Winipcfg):

Fatal error - cannot read IP configuration.

Yes, I could ask someone to help me out with the TCP/IP issue, but I think it's more relevant to find a new computer at this point, and figure out how to copy all the data from the old HDs onto the new computer's HD. I'm afraid to even turn it on, because I know some piece of hardware is dying but I don't know what exactly. My main concern is to retrieve all the data on both HDs.

My friend Fran├žois is getting a free computer from a friend, so he's giving me his old PC. I decided to wait the few weeks it'll take before I get this freebie rather than run to a store this Friday to buy a new one. I'm too poor to splurge on anything right now.

It sucks to be without internet, and without a working computer. Bleargh.

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