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I finally finished my intensive summer session last night. I'm 99% sure I passed both classes. I'm totally burned out. I still haven't spoken to my neighbours about the loud bass. I'm rehearsing my speech, to be ready when they start again with the loud bass. I hate young neighbours.

I'm looking forward to [ profile] mishicougar's visit between the 18th and the 22nd of July. This year, he's the only guest of RoofusCon '08 (Spatsbear can't make it).

Okay, my current PC has started working again, but I know it's only temporary. I booted this morning to retrieve an important file that I really needed, save it to a floppy and close it down right away. Well, the internet was working again. WTF? How did the TPC/IP issue resolve itself? I have no idea. Well, I did try to reset the connection through some system menu Sunday night. Maybe that worked but I needed to reboot first and that's why it's working again, I dunno.

Anyway, it doesn't change a thing: I'm typing this from the library computer. I still need to get a new computer (or wait for my friend's freebie) and transfer my data safely. But, in both cases, I want to get Windows XP SP2 installed on it. From what I read everywhere on LJ, Vista simply doesn't work.

Here's where I need advice: my university still sells the original XP SP2Pro for students & teachers at a price of $113. Is it worth it, or should I try to get a *whispery voice* bootleg copy *back to normal voice* of it? I know my friend's freebie PC has a bootleg version of the first XP installed on it but recently he connected on line with Microsoft, so now he's getting constant pop-ups about not being legit, and I've heard that soon it won't run at all. If I try to save the cash and get a bootleg (from one of you guys perhaps?), will it be updateable? Will I even need to? Or should I splurge on the legit copy?


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