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What a crazy, lucky day!

I got up at 6:10 AM. Had only oatmeal and a toast with peanut butter. No cereal coffee in warm milk nor cereal and milk today (to prevent having to go pee during my garage sale run).

I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and shave. I drive to a handful of local garage sales and find 3 LPs for $2, including Michael Jackson's Off The Wall, a Xmas Elvis on Pickwick and a Frankie Valli compilation.

No time to finish the local run: it's 7:38AM and I need to be at this special garage sale, advertizing 8000 45s (at $0.25 each) and 1000 LPs for sale! It's at 9 but I need to get there early, just in case.

I get there at 7:50 AM. They are not done getting the boxes out yet. Two other buyers arrive while I wait. Expecting to be there for a while, I put some sun screen on my exposed body parts. Finally they let us in around a few passed 8AM. I check the LPs.

I pick close to 40 LPs then I move to the 45s. Several dozen boxes of 45s. Under the sun.

I don't stop for lunch. I don't take a single bathroom break (I somehow didn't need it). I don't drink anything. After crate-digging through all 8000 records and gathering a box of roughly 250 singles plus my three dozen LPs, I pay $65 for the lot.

I also buy 20 protective inner paper sleeves for LPs for $1 (I went back through his LPs and pulled out 20 sleeves from his leftover records). I bring the car closer and I load up. I go to the bathroom and I leave... exactly 12 HOURS after my arrival! I left at 7:50 PM! It took me exactly 12 hours to check everything! Ow, my aching back!

I get home, spin a few records while making and eating supper (salmon and veggie couscous), the first thing I ate in the last 14 hours, and I zoom out to catch Donald Lautrec's autograph at the end of his local concert! (photos and videos coming soon).

The perfect day for a record collector! :D

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