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Not only last Saturday I scored my biggest score ever (see past entry), but yesterday I found a rare Dalida album for a buck, and today I scored again! I saw an ad for a garage sale for the 16th. The old lady has 300 records for sale, even 78s! No way I'm waiting for the 16th, so I called and asked politely if I could see them now. She said yes!

It took me over an hour to check them out. I picked out:

57 45 RPM singles
8 78 RPM records
10 LPs

I counted the LPs, then the 78s, then I stared at the stack of 45s and faking a discouraged look, instead of counting them I asked how $10 for the pile sounded. She hesitated a whole 6 long seconds before saying yes for $10! Score!!

Keep in mind that in that lot there's a clean copy of Let's Spend The Night Together by the Rolling Stones as well as The Beatles' We Can Work It Out on the original Capitol swirl, The Peels' Juanita Banana with the kickass B-side Fun, The Hollies Stop, Stop, Stop/ It's You on Capitol, Canadian release (72419) and two cool 78s: Connie Francis' Stupid Cupid and, about time, To Know Him Is To Love Him by the Teddy Bears on Doré (Phil Spector's first record) never released on a 78 in the USA!

The other scores are mostly French-Canadian treasures so I'll spare you the details. ;-)

Yep, the next big score I need is a kickass summer job in accounting and everything will be perfect!

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