Weird dream

Aug. 8th, 2008 12:30 am
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Last night I had a weird dream.

For some reason, I was given a date at a theater with Chuck Berry to attend a musical, nothing relating to rock n' roll. It's not revealed in my dream how it happened. Maybe I had won a contest or something. Dreams don't always make sense.

We were in a biiiig theater, and Chuck Berry wasn't too pleased to be with me, because he was too cool to be seen with a square nerd like me. I had asked him if after the show I could bring him home so he could autograph my mint 78 RPM of Maybellene and pose for a photo.

I don't remember the show except a comical performer at the beginning giving crap to the audience for not cheering loud enough.

I think there was an intermission and I was afraid I was gonna lose him because he started to mingle with other people, more interesting than me.

I woke up before getting my autograph. It's one of those pointless dreams that just dissipates instead of climaxing to a proper ending. The only thing that could have triggered that dream is the recent news I heard that singer Michel Rivard is giving a free outdoor concert at Ste-Rose next Sunday and I'm wondering if I should try to get him to autograph an LP for me and pose for a photo. How did he become Chuck Berry in my dream? No f***ng clue! O.O

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