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It's finally happened: I found a house and bought it! Well technically, I made an offer and it got accepted by the seller. I'm not worried about the other hurdles.

Not only I got the best deal of the year in my area, but I sniped it! Because I have a great agent, I was able to find out about it before it got posted on the web. Somehow I was the 2nd one to visit yesterday but the 1st to make an offer. The decision was really easy: the asking price was way under its' current value, at least 30K under! So I didn't waste a minute last night (Thursday October 10th):

- 6:35 PM: I arrived earlier to try to see the outside of the house before it gets dark. Took the time to listen to the neighborhood. Quiet area indeed.

- 7:00 PM: my agent arrives. We enter the house's kitchen through the side door. Moment of truth: the stairs, floors and counters are flawless. Wow... The basement is unfinished but not bad. Thankfully there's a toilet and sink for my brother. Whew!

- around 8:15PM: outside, my agent and I briefly discuss. We're on the same page: for that price, it's a hell of a great deal even with the flaws. He warns me that the previous visitor that day seemed interested (no surprise there, who wouldn't be) so I said right there "I'm taking it". We drove to his office to fill out the paperwork.

- a bit later, I settled for an offer of $216K (asking price was $219900).

- today at 3:32PM, my agent called me at work to give me the good news: the offer got accepted. :-)

There's lots of work to do before moving in on November 30th, and several thousands of records to move. It's gonna be a labor of love, though. :-)

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