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I just finished copying a 34 CD box set of Nana Mouskouri my aunt Claire purchased on the web. I ordered it for her and got it Friday. In stores it's worth CAN$825.98. She got it for CAN$479.88 through Of course, I wasn't going to pass the chance of copying such a rare and expensive set! With my aunt's permission, I spent 4 days copying the discs, scanning the sleeves and booklets, reading the hardcover book and photocopying the essential data. I just dropped the box set off at my aunt's place tonight.

On a sad note, I got an email from an eBay seller. After more than 4 years of searching, I found the Giant plush Fluffles by Russ I've been dying to find. Perfect auction listing: the seller misnamed it as being a rabbit instead of a lamb! I wasn't going to correct her, that could attract other bidders, heh heh! So I placed a bid on it yesterday. But the seller just emailed me this bad news:

Sorry to tell you but I have a huge problem with the rabbit. I dry clean a number of the toys that I have on a regular basis unfortunately when I asked my daughter to get my animals cleaned she took the wrong rabbit and parts of it have not reacted well with the cleaner. It looks great but is hard insteady of fluffy.
I will have to withdraw the item but I do not know if I can end it when there is a bid on it. I have never had to do this before.
If you know please advise.

Dammit... dammit dammit dammit! :-(

Dammit... :-(


I was thinking.... maybe the hard stuff can come off in a regular washer & dryer? Maybe it can be fixed? If so, should I ask the seller to let me have it for a reduced priced? What do you guys think?

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